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Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdić meets Ambassador Chen Bo

       On July 5, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiHDenis Zvizdić met with Ambassador Chen Bo. The two sides exchanged views on the 7th Summit of leaders of China and Central and Eastern European countries.

       Zvizdić assessed that relations between BiH and China have seen significant development over the past years, with the incentive from the 16+1 cooperation. It is expected that the project Block 7 of the Thermal Power Plant in Tuzla will officially begin in the near future. The entry into force of the Agreement on Visa Exemption for Holders of Ordinary Passports between the two countries is effectively contributing to tourism cooperation. The two sides are working intensively on negotiating a cooperation agreement in the field of civil aviation. A procedure for issuing an export license for dairy products from BiH to China has been launched. A Summit of leaders 16+1 will be held in Sofia soon. He voiced expectation that he would attend the Summit again and have a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Li Keqiang, to exchange views on cooperation in areas such as energy, construction of transport infrastructure, digitization and youth development.

        Chen Bo noted that, based on the 16+1 cooperation platform, cooperation between China and BiH in areas such as energy, trade and culture has achieved notable development, which has ensured tangible benefits for the development of BiH. This would not have been possible without active involvement in cooperation of both the Council of Ministers of BiH and Zvizdić himself. During the forthcoming Summit, governments of the two countries will sign the Agreement on cooperation in the field of animal health and quarantine. The two sides’ companies taking part in the overall economic and trade activities will sign the Agreement on cooperation in the field of construction of highways and communication. She expressed assurance that with this Summit and the meeting of Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Chairman Zvizdić, relations between China and BiH will face more opportunities for development.

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