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Ambassador meets President of the Social Democratic Party of BiH Nermin Nikšić

       On May 21, Ambassador met with the President of the Social Democratic Party of BiH Nermin Nikšić.

       Chen Bo said that relations between China and BiH are developing rapidly in the framework of the “Belt and Road” initiative and the mechanism of cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe countries. The two sides have achieved satisfactory results in areas such as energy, transport infrastructure, culture, education and human exchange. Chen Bo highly commended the positive, long term efforts the SDP has made, in order to promote relations between the two countries.

       Nikšić agreed with Chen Bo’s assessment of bilateral relations and noted that China-BiH cooperation on large projects is for the benefit of economic development and improvement of life of BiH citizens. SDP will continue its commitment to improving relations between BiH and China.

       Chen Bo briefly informed Nikšić about the state of China’s development. She voiced assurance that strengthening the communication between the Communist Party of China and SDP would contribute to the joint promotion of development of the two countries’ relations.

       Nikšić expressed on this occasion the SDP’s readiness for cooperation and communication with the CPC in various forms. Nikšić shared with Chen Bo his views on the current situation in BiH.

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